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Flatpackitchens.com.au are proud to announce that we have donated 10 kitchenettes to the QLD flood victims in January 2011

Made by Australians from Australian products.

Our Kitchens are made in Australia from Australian products and not an inferior import as can be found in various hardware stores. We will not sell an inferior product. We pride ourselves on building and supplying a first class product that can still compete with the price of the cheap imports.

Buy DIY custom kitchen cabinets at a DIY flatpack kitchen price.

You will find our online DIY flat pack kitchen shop simple and easy to use. We believe our flatpack kitchen prices are the best available with the features we offer such as specific sizing of each cabinet to your needs. We offer our flat pack kitchens through the convenience of an online shop and with the  benefit of flatpack kitchens at a great price. Ideal for Owner Builders or Builders. (GoTo http://www.ownerbuilderspage.com.au for Owner Builder software and information) 

You can save money on our quality DIY flatpack kitchens.

With exactly the same kitchen cabinets and kitchen benchtops as a custom kitchen supplier our DIY flat pack kitchens will literally save you $1000,s when compared with fully built and installed custom kitchens. Save your hard earned money and enjoy the experience of building your flatpack kitchen. Our flat pack kitchens are the best price available online for  the features offered.

Buy DIY flatpack kitchens that are simple and easy to construct.

If you can use a screwdriver or tighten a bolt with a spanner you will find our DIY flat pack kitchens easy to put together. We have perfected the design and construction systems of flatpack kitchens to enable you to obtain a brand new, designer, DIY flat pack kitchen for a fraction of the cost just by installing it yourself. With each purchase from flatpack kitchens you will recieve comprehensive instructions for quick and easy construction.

We have DIY flat pack kitchens at an amazing price with flatpack kitchen cabinets that are flexible in design and size.

You can have the exact kitchen cabinet sizes and design that you want at the price that you want. The flexibility of our DIY flat pack kitchens will save you valuable time and money.

Your DIY flatpack kitchen cabinets will fit perfectly into your room.

Because you can customize the size of our DIY flat pack kitchen cabinets you can fill any length of wall or space with DIY flatpack kitchen cabinets and not need to use ugly filler pieces. Our DIY flat pack kitchen benchtops can also be cut to your custom ordered size.

You will get a professional finish from your DIY flatpack kitchen cabinet project.

Because we have done all the cutting, edge finishing and all benchtop joints are pre-prepared the finish on your DIY flat pack kitchen will be just the same as if a professional installed it. Take your time with the kitchen cabinet construction and the kitchen cabinet installation and you will have a professional custom kitchen.

All parts of your DIY flatpack kitchens will fit perfectly together without cutting or adjusting.

All components of our DIY flat pack kitchens are cut and edged on computer controlled machinery which ensures perfect sizing and finish for trouble free construction of your DIY flatpack kitchen. All kitchen benchtops can be cut to the exact size you need and all joints can be precut for a perfect finish. Our DIY flatpack kitchens are as precise as any engineering project.

You can have your DIY kitchen within weeks.

We can ship your ordered DIY flat pack kitchen or any kitchen component (2-Pack paint or vinyl coated doors will take longer) usually within 30 working days days dependant on colour availability (Some of the colours which are not commonly used may at times be difficult to obtain). Some colours may at times be in short supply and this can also cause delivery times to be adjusted. We recommend that you do not remove your old kitchen until your new kitchen is constructed and ready to install.

We have secure online sales through PayPal or a variety of other payment options.

Pay for your DIY flatpack kitchens with Bankcard payments through PayPal for ultimate security and take advantage of their free transaction insurance (No membership required). You can also pay by Direct Deposit, Bank Cheque or Money Order.

At flatpackitchens.com.au we can offer new custom quality DIY flat pack kitchens, laundry cabinets, office cabinets, Garage workplace cabinets or any type of storage cupboards. In fact our DIY flatpack kitchen cabinets can be used in any situation. We offer a custom sized cabinet to enable our DIY flat pack kitchens to fit any size available without using ugly fillers to make up the size as is the custom with other DIY flatpack kitchen operations. This is unique to flatpackitchens.com.au. Our benchtops are cut to size with machined joints that join together with proprietry fittings. With predrilled holes and simple directions you can assemble a cabinet in minutes and you will be on your way to completing your new DIY flat pack kitchen. You will be amazed at the money you can save with us. Come in to our site and see how easy it is to get a new DIY flatpack kitchen or cabinets for your kitchen, laundry, shed, office or anywhere else. You design what you need and see what the exact cost will be in our shop.


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