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Frequently Asked Questions of flatpackitchens.com.au 


What guarantee do I have that my payment for a flat pack kitchen will be secure?

If you pay using your credit card through PayPal your payment will be processed over the PayPal site acknowledged as the safest payment gateway on the internet (No membership required). You will be also covered by PayPal transaction insurance. If you use other payment methods you can pay a deposit with the final payment prior to dispatch.


What is a flat pack kitchen?

A flat pack kitchen is a DIY ready to assemble kitchen or kitchen cabinet which requires no cutting or drilling. It is of the same quality as a custom made set of kitchen cabinets.


Who should buy a flat pack kitchen?

Flat pack kitchens can be used by DIY's, renovators, builders, home owners, investment property owner’s holiday home owners and in fact anyone who needs a new kitchen or cabinet. (GoTo www.ownerbuilderspage.com.au for Owner Builder software and information)If you want to save money and do it yourself flat pack kitchens are for you.


How do I plan my flat pack kitchen?

First place kitchen corner cabinets into the corners as required then fill in the spaces with kitchen floor cabinets. If a gap remains in any wall of cupboards you can increase the standard size of a single cupboard to fill this gap without the need for an ugly filler piece.


How long will it take from order to dispatch my flat pack kitchen?

Your flat pack kitchen will usually leave the factory within 30 working days dependant on the colour availability but for kitchens with 2 pack Polyurethane or Vinyl coated doors this will be longer. Unusual colors may take longer to obtain in laminate doors.


When should I remove my old kitchen?

You should not remove your old kitchen until your new one arrives and you have it assembled and ready to install. Many unforeseen problems can arise during transport which could leave you with no kitchen for a period.


What if the kitchen cabinets in the standard range don't fit my room size?

We can manufacture any size cabinet you want to order. Use the shop sizes as a guide and we can decrease the size of a cabinet to fit your final space. Go to the "Custom Size Cabinet" in each category page and fill in what size cabinet/s you wish to change and the width that you need it made to. A small extra charge is made for this modified cabinet/s.


How much will my flat pack kitchen cost?

The cost of flat pack kitchens will be dependent on size but you can expect to save thousands of dollars over a similar custom made kitchen but still have the advantages of a custom made kitchen. Kitchen Orders with Vinyl or Polyurethane doors need to have a paint or vinyl area of at least 10m2 to be viable. Kitchen orders need to be above the cost of $2000 to be a viable proposition for you and for us.


How will my flat pack kitchen compare to other DIY kitchen products?
The flat pack kitchen system is superior to other DIY kitchen products on a number of levels:
Quality - The materials and workmanship are of unmatched quality.
Availability - flat pack kitchens manufactures its own product and can guarantee delivery times.
Customization - A flat pack kitchen is a customized kitchen that is designed and manufactured specifically for you.
Australian Made & Owned - Manufacturing jobs remain in
Australia !


How will my flat pack kitchen compare in quality to a custom made kitchen?

The materials and workmanship to prepare the components for your flat pack kitchen are equal to or better than any you can buy anywhere. All components are fully waterproof and the cut sizes are computer controlled to ensure perfect sizing and cuts every time. Flat pack kitchens have all of the features you would expect in a custom built kitchen, clip off hinges, full extension metal drawer runners and 2mm vinyl edge strips which ensures the purchaser of a quality kitchen for years to come. 


Will I be able to assemble and install the kitchen cabinets myself?

All Kitchens come with step-by-step assembly instructions. Flat pack kitchens  have been successfully assembled and installed by people who have never done it before including myself (the builder of this site)The most important step is the initial measurements that were taken of the room at the start of the project (Do this twice). All parts are individually labeled and there is specific information on each of the labels relating to the individual parts name, sizes & unique cabinet number, to name just a few. You will find this very helpful in the construction phase and it makes the construction process very simple to follow & understand.


What Warranty will I have?

You will have a 5 year manufacturers warranty on all the components in your flat pack kitchen.


Is it possible for the flat pack kitchen to be delivered to me at a reasonable cost?
Yes. Our kitchens are packaged so that they can be easily freighted across the country, and we have delivery agreements with a number of carriers. Delivery costs are free over $2000 and under $2000 are calculated at checkout before payment is made to ensure full disclosure of all costs before the transaction is completed. Transport costs included wrapping and packaging of components.        

To find out transport costs do a dummy order by

1, Ordering what you will require

2, Click on Proceed to Checkout

3, Enter your details (Not Financial Details) and click on Continue and this will show you the transport costs as well as the order costs

4, Cancel the order by clicking the back arrow



What sort of vehicle will I need to pick up my kitchen?
A trailer can be used to pick up most kitchens in 1 load from the depot. The entire pallet can be loaded onto the trailer, for safe and simple transportation. A flat pack kitchen may weigh up to 600kg.


How will my kitchen arrive?
Our flat pack kitchens come packed on individual pallets. Within the pack all parts are clearly labeled. All of the necessary hardware is included and clearly labeled. Step-by-step assembly instructions are supplied along with the kitchen plan.


Can my flat pack kitchen be used for cupboards in other areas of my house?
The cabinets in the flat pack kitchen system can be used in other areas of the house such as the laundry, bathroom or home office.


Is the product Australian Made?
Flat pack kitchens are manufactured in Australia and the company is proudly Australian-owned. 



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