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Project Manager


Free delivery for software. Enter the code  SoftwareFreeDelivery  in the promotions box at the checkout stage.


Our Project Management Software will enable you to run your DIY Owner Builder project to your selected timetable. Automatic call up notices for trades and material deliveries helps to ensure that trades and materials will arrive as scheduled and not cause delays to your DIY Owner Builder project. Using our Project Management Software you will run your project pro-actively rather than re-actively which means you will always be on top and ahead of events that may cause delays. Daily reminders will cause you to pre-order all materials and trades and further into your DIY Owner Builder project further reminders will cause you to check the trades amd materials both prior to and on the day of delivery for each and every trade and materials delivery.
     Prior to retirement as a Builder and Building Supervisor this simple Project management tool has enabled me to run the construction of upto 50 homes at a time and still be one step ahead of the game.
     Imagine how much stress you can avoid by being one or two steps ahead in the management of your DIY Owner Builder project. Not only can you avoid the stress of running an Owner Builder project that is not a facet of your normal business but you will save money and time by running your Owner Builder project pro-actively. The time you spend running your building DIY Owner Builder project will be dramatically reduced so that it will not overtake and dominate your life in terms of both time and stress. When a tradesman or materials supplier wants to know when they can be on your Owner Builder project you will be able to tell them when they need to both start and finish to allow all other trades and materials to arrive uninterrupted. Your Owner Builder project will flow as a professional builder or supervisor would expect it to. You will be able to flag scheduling conflicts, modify project schedules, schedule trades and materials deliveries, print project schedules and track site inspections prior to payments to trades. This simple tool will enable the co-ordination of all facets of your Owner Builder project
from the Planning stage to Completion. You will save both time and money and enjoy the building process as only a well co-ordinated project will allow you to.

     Project Management Software Integrates with our Estimator software to create a job schedule from the project estimate, using pre-defined sequences and durations of trades and materials deliveries. Project Management Software  also operates as a stand alone Project Management tool without our Estimator software. You may edit the building schedule on your computor or as a printout to be checked off manually or a combination of both methods.

Free delivery for software. Enter the code  SoftwareFreeDelivery  in the promotions box at the checkout stage.






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