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Builders & Owner Builders > Owner Builders Version

Home Estimator, Owner Builder Version

Home Building Estimator -- Owner Builders Version 

This programme is not just a Database as are others but it actually calculates the Quantities of Labour and Materials in detail.

As an Owner Builder would you like a "Bill of Quantities" for your new home or extension ? A "Bill of Quantities" that lists all the materials and subcontractors and Quantities of each item with a price. The "Home Building Estimator" will give you the Owner Builder exactly this.

With the input of some basic job measurements such as area, perimeter, wall hieght and a window & door schedule the "Home Building Estimator" will automatically give you the quantities down to the last piece of timber and the last nail and screw. If you the DIY Owner Builder can turn on a computor than you can run this programme.

With the input of Bathroom sizes you will have tile, glue, grout and cement quantities.

Brick quantities (with cement, sand, scaffold, ties etc) are automatically calculated.

Internal Fixout quantities (with nails, screws, glue, hinges, door furniture etc) are automatically calculated.

Eaves Linings quantities (with nails, joining strips, trims etc) are automatically calculated.

Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen quantities (with floor wastes, accessories etc) are automatically calculated. 

Electrical quantities (with light fittings etc) are automatically calculated.

Every quantity you need to build the house will be calculated by the "Home Building Estimator" .

Prior to retirement I have used the "Home Building Estimator" to build new homes and extensions with great success over the past 25 years. In fact the programme has been constantly developed since the advent of Personal Computors and the first Excel spreadsheet. In its current format the programme is very accurate in it calculations of the entire list of items and trades required to build a new home or extension.

The "Home Building Estimator" will give you the tools that most professional home Builders today use to run their own businesses. I know from my experience over the last 25 years how much time and money this programme can save the Owner Builder .

There are 16 pages filled with quantities just like the one pictured after the input of your project details.

Requires window 2000 or later, Excel 2000 or later.

Free Electronic delivery for software. Enter the code  SoftwareFreeDelivery  in the promotions box at the checkout stage.






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